The Performing Arts Conservatory of New York provides Piano, Voice, Guitar, and Violin lessons for kids, teens, and adults in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.

Music and Art lessons at Performing Arts Conservatory of New York:

  • Strengthen memory, reading, and math skills

  • Improve a student’s ability to process information and remember, control their behavior, make decisions, and solve problems.

  • Are priced at reasonable rates; lesson packages are also available!

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Welcome! Since the year 2000 we've had the privilege of nurturing the talents of our students and watching them grow. We believe that an education in music and the arts is an education for life - building confidence through focus and discipline, experiencing progressive levels of achievement, and enriching others' lives through sharing artistic expression.
- Teresa Marin Rishik, Executive Director, PACONY


Faculty have academic credentials from top music schools around the world and are committed teachers with extensive performance experience.

Our school serves as a ground of safety and support in the neighborhood, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for students and their families as they pursue their artistic goals.

The conservatory has been an active member of the Jackson Heights community since 2001, establishing mutually beneficial relationships with many local organizations


Watch this video showing how the school has positively effected one student's life:

A gift to the community. Wonderful faculty— as teachers and as individuals.
— Gina Martinez, parent
The guidance and direction the students receive at this facility extends far beyond the valued instruction of music. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity, enhance their time management skills, as well as their ability to focus and concentrate, all of which are essential to any future endeavor.
— Dr. Ana Landron, grandparent
I am beyond blessed to have my daughter enrolled at the Performing Arts School of Music. I can truly say all the teachers are passionate, committed, and pour out so much love to our children, embracing their gifts and talents.
— Elidia Bernard, parent
PACONY and their group of very talented instructors make a difference in the Jackson Heights community. Its director Teresa Rishik is dedicated to all students and has made her goal to try to reach all families by keeping a low tuition with a high level of service and music instruction, compared with other schools in Queens.
— Estrella Zeballos-Bentancur, parent
To see [my son] performing at the recitals every few months brought me more pride than words can describe, and that is thanks to [Performing Arts Conservatory of NY].
— Elyse Rubio, parent